The concretors started today.  Due to our odd shaped block there’s a helluva lotta concrete!  Our setback is 19m and we decided to put in a parking/reversing bay.  On Saturday we went out there with both cars and practised doing 3-point turns in our front yard and used to spray paint to mark up where we wanted the concrete to go. The concretors then excavated to those lines.

Front… obviously

Our ‘front/western’ boundary is about where the existing concrete is.  The reinforcement is actually sitting on the neighbours block.
We will have a strip drain in front of the garage.  You can just make out the black line in front of the garage door.
The little square bit on the left of this picture will form a concrete pad for our Deliver-eze letterbox.  And the fence between the other Bentley neighbour has been posted and will be finished tomorrow.
Parking/Reversing bay.  We can fit 2 cars there.  
Across the front.  The yellow pipe is the termite protection.
Front corner

Northern side

That metal post is for our side gate.  The path juts out there as the HWS will be sitting right next to the fence and if we didn’t push the path out, we wouldn’t been able to open the gate.  The black box with duct tape is the termite refill point.


Back side

The path will be level with the alfresco
We had excess dirt from the excavation at the front and to avoid paying dumping fees, we asked them to dump it in the back yard.  They also levelled it out for us which will save Mr W doing it with a shovel.  

South side

They’ve bought the path level up to be in line with the worlds dumbest retaining wall.


They’ve got a start on the reinforcement and need to do the front which will happen tomorrow and we are scheduled for a pour on Wednesday.

It was really exciting to see it all boxed up and our vision coming to life.  It was the most progress we had seen in a long time.

We also had our electrician come out on Friday and lay some conduit that will go under the concrete.  One for the security cameras and one for hardwired driveway lighting.

The twin pipes are for the electrical.  Mr W needs to tape them so they are straight before the concrete is poured.

In the past week, since handover…

Bentley paid us the balance of our liquidated damages today.   One of our rubbish bins has been delivered (super efficient Council).  I’ve booked a TV man to come and set up the antenna and splitter box tomorrow.  NBN is working (allegedly, I’ll believe it when I connect. I don’t believe that NBN connection can be so simple and happen so quickly.)  I’m waiting on a window tinting guy to get back to me with a time to come and measure and quote.  We’ve put together a lot of flat pack furniture and our 4 year old  has amazed us with how helpful she is when it comes to putting furniture together.  We’ve got some drawers in our WIR and our girls have desks and chairs in their rooms.  We have given notice on our rental and booked a removalist for Tuesday 8 May.  I’ve even started packing.


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