Handover Inspection – 23 April

We had our Handover Inspection with our SS yesterday.  We went through the PCI Report from Darbecca and also Bentley’s list and checked everything off.  A few things were outstanding; the mullion on the stacker screen door, and the hole in the flyscreen on the stacker.  These are ordered through A & L Windows and given it’s not disruptive to us to have these done after handover, we didn’t feel it necessary to hold up handover on these items.  The scratches on the bottom sill of the stacker… they’ve been buffed and painted and who knows what else has happened, but they haven’t come up looking right.  You can still see the scratches, so the bottom sills will be replaced.  They have now been ordered and will take about 3 weeks.  They can be installed post handover.  There were a couple of little things that weren’t done from PCI, some silicone under the kitchen sink, but they fixed them up on the day.  Overall, it went well.  We signed off and accepted the property 🙂


Handover Meeting – 24 April

The Handover Meeting didn’t go as smoothly as the Handover Inspection.  Mr W sat down in the meeting room with the CSA and she started shuffling papers around, and 30 seconds into the meeting she said that there would be no further liquidated damages.  WTF?!?  We were owed another months worth of liquidated damages, as only up to PCI was included on the final invoice.  Livid.  This completely contradicts all previous communications with the CM, CSM and our CSA.  Our CSA knew that management had said no more liquidated damages, but failed to tell us until we were sitting there in front her, cheque in hand, with keys in sight. We felt this was deceitful and we told her so.


Despite discussions with various staff, the contract says that liquidated damages apply until “Completion”.  Bentley argue that when they serve the Notice of Completion, that the build has reached completion.  Rubbish.  We were given the Notice of Completion before PCI (usual process), a month ago.  There were outstanding items, not to mention the defects from PCI, and we didn’t accept Completion until yesterday.  Don’t forget that our SS was on leave the week after PCI.  They except us to pay another weeks rent because our SS was on leave and nothing was done?  WTF?


Anyhow, very long, stressful story short, the meeting ended up taking almost 2 hours, but we got the variation for the balance of  the liquidated damages and our bank account details have been left with Bentley.  We were just so angry at the way they tried this on us.  Mr W said that he felt so happy when he was driving in to Bentley’s office then to have this deceit dumped on him totally ruined the experience and killed his good mood.


This deceit is no different to the issue we had with the generator.  They wanted us to pay for generator hire because power couldn’t be connected.  Power couldn’t be connected because of a compliance issue – work undertaken by Bentley’s contractor failed to comply.


The CSM ( Customer Service Manager) is no longer the company – this happened in the last week.  Turnover in head office is unbelievable.  But we are very glad the CSM returned the final payment that the bank made direct to Bentley in error.  We were ready to walk out of Bentley’s office without completing handover today and if Bentley already had their money we would’ve lost all leverage with them.


Deep breath…  After 348 days… We have keys…



More keys. There’s a lot of keys.  And remotes


And Bentley gave us… a Housewarming present


…  I would not be caught dead wearing that back pack.


It’s got a picnic set inside.


Wish Mr W had’ve left it behind.



We went and had dinner in our new house tonight –  Fish n chips on the floor.  It felt weird being in there – no more sneaking around inside.  And being inside at night is different.  But it’s so lovely and it feel like home.


I’ve put a few things in the house.




The Build may be over, but there will probably be a few more blog posts to come.  Maybe an update on landscaping and we’ve got our 3 month maintenance inspection too.


There will not be a house warming party, but that doesn’t meant you can’t give us a housewarming gift.  Bunnings vouchers or big bottles of Bacardi would be most welcome. 😛









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