Dickhead of the day award goes to our bank.


We forwarded the bank all the required documentation for final payment, Occupancy Permit, Building Insurance and Builders Invoice, so that they can organise an inspection and get ready for final payment.  From my understanding, the usual process for final payment is that the bank will cut a cheque, we collect it from the branch, and then we hold it pending handover.  Not this time.  Some douche bag at the back has gone and made payment direct to the builder.  Our build is 100% paid for, yet not 100% complete.


Apparently, the bank has tried to reverse the payment, but they can’t.  WTF?!?  They are going to contact the builder in the next 24-48 hours and ask for the money back.  WTAF?!?  And to make matters worse, the guy at the bank went on the offence and was so rude to Mr W on the phone.  He acknowledged they didn’t follow standard procedure but didn’t apologise.  You’d expect some sort of , I’m sorry, we made a mistake, we’ll sort it all out.  No.  That’s just our bad luck for now.


Sick of dealing with people who don’t know how to do their job.


7 thoughts on “Monday 16 April 2018 – Do we attract morons?

  1. oh dear that is just terrible, I hope they can sort it out quickly. Someone in Bentley must be happy and relieved that the money is in.


    1. We have spoken to the CSM at Bentley and she was understanding. I don’t think they’re going to stuff us around on this and I think they’ll cooperate in giving the money back to the bank. It’s just so frustrating.


      1. That is such a relief to hear that Bentley was understanding of the situation.

        Looking forward to your posts, love reading this blog, not much Bentley bloggers out there. This will be a great future reference, thanks for sharing.


      2. Aw thanks! The main reasons I started this blog was as there weren’t many Bentley bloggers out there, well I couldn’t find any anyhow, and also to keep friends and family updated on the progress of our new house so that I didn’t have to keep retelling the same story.

        The blog may not paint a pretty picture, but from what I’ve read there is no such thing as a perfect builder. I hope that fellow Bentley builders, and non-Bentley builders, can learn from our experience.

        Hoping on handover soon – I just want to love in my new house!


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