Things are firing along and it seems we’ve had a few different tradies there the last tow days.


The house is “clean”.  Painters were there finishing up a few things, the new skirting in the garage was painted.  The front door was being stained and the front pillar had been re-rendered ready to be painted.  I don’t like taking photos when people are there working, so only took a few.


Had to get creative to hide faces.  Still need another coat on the outside.  Stain is Merbau


New HWS slab has been installed.  Our perimeter path was going to be 1 course higher than that slab…



And the infill above the bathroom window has been installed, which we were told was the last thing outstanding for the Occupancy Permit.



We have a new CSA.  After a last one left/went on leave (her whereabouts depends on who you speak to), we were dealing with someone who seemed to be a temporary CSA.


CSA count:

T, then P (who was woeful, so), back to T. Then K, then E (who went on unannounced leave to Europe and didn’t come back, so) back to K.  Then S, who was the one who just left/is on leave, then N, and now we have C, who has just sent us an email saying that out old CSA is on leave until further notice, and that as per the SS’s update, please forward the Independent Inspection Report.   What SS update, and what inspection report?  Mr W called her… she seems very new, very wet behind the ears.  Great!


She’s just sent another email to advise that she has spoken to our SS and we have been issued an Occupancy Permit!  Woohoo!!!  They’ll be in touch shortly to organise PCI.





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