I wasn’t able to make it to the pre-PCI walk through this morning, so Mr W attended on his own.  We’ve had a de-brief and overall it seemed to go well.  It started icy, then Mr W pointed out to our SS that the purpose of this walk through was to help him – to notify him of things that needed attention now so that he could arrange for things to be fixed rather than wait for PCI.


Mr W had a long list containing 61 items, some were minor and he didn’t bother mentioning, ie the paint starved areas as our SS is coming back soon to go over all the paint and that will get picked up at PCI anyhow.


Some of the issues…

  • Shower niche feature tiling.  The SS told Mr W that that’s how it’s always done, with the feature tile on the walls of the recess, not just on the back wall.  Mr W pointed out that that is not how it is in the display, nor in the colour showroom, nor, in our colour schedule, which specifically states, “back wall only”.  Seems those instructions weren’t put on the work order for the tiler – SS acknowledged that it was a big job and he would look into.  It would require ripping out the tile, which will damage the waterproofing, which will need to be fixed, then re-tiling.
  • Scratches on cupboards (and stacker)  they would try and buff them out, otherwise they will have to deal with it.
  • Rusted screws – will be galvanised
  • Wobbly toilet seat – apparently that’s how they are.  The hinges are secure, but the seat wobbles.  The only place I have ever encountered a wobbly toilet seat has been in a public toilet.  Disappointed with the quality.  Didn’t think it was necessary to upgrade a toilet.
  • WIR upright support – SS is waiting on word back from the company that installed it, but he expects that it will be required.  Which sucks!
  • There’s an irregular gap at the corner cupboard, apparently they are always like that.  They try and tweak them, but it always looks off.  I’ve never seen a corner cupboard with such an irregular gap, looks like dodgy DIY.
  • Mirror in ensuite out of plumb.  The mirror is wall to wall, but the gap at the tops and bottoms aren’t equal.  SS will fix up.


I think it was pretty obvious to our SS that we have spent a LOT of time in that house.  😛 But overall, the SS was helpful and agreeable to fix things up.


He expects that the Occupancy Permit will issue this week!!!  Still aiming for PCI early March, then probably allow 2 weeks after PCI for handover, he said usually 1 week, but because we have Darbecca, probably 2 weeks.  Looks like we WILL be in our new house in April.


Carpet was installed yesterday and it is lush!  Cannot wait to have that under my feet.  A cleaner was there and she was so lovely and let us come in and had a chat.  She’ll be back this afternoon to finish off.   I was there with the girls and we took our shoes off and enjoyed the new carpet.  I really enjoyed watching them lie on the carpet doing snow angels/carpet angels.




As mentioned previously it’s a Godfrey Hirst Triexta.  Can’t remember the colour.


We still don’t know who our new CSA is.  We have asked but haven’t received a response yet.  Our SS doesn’t know who our CSA is either…




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