Back to Bentley’s office today to re-pick our colours.  First up, the paint for the splashback.  We questioned how it can be unavailable – just use the recipe and make the colour.  But apparently it’s been discontinued and can’t be made.  WTF?  Anyhow, we chose something similar.


Now for the carpet.  We had already upgraded to Category 5, and we asked our CSA to have a price on hand for Category 6.  Turned out to only be an extra $300, and the carpet in category 6 was so similar in feel to the lush stuff from our local carpet store.  In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was the same stuff.  It is also by Godfrey Hirst, and made from Triexta, which is corn based.  Much nicer than our original choice and they had a colour similar to our original selection.  So we locked that in.


Once that was done, our CSA stepped out of the showroom to prepare the variation, and we had a wander around the new colour showroom and noticed that they had changed a lot of their suppliers.  Our tapware wasn’t there.  Our door handles weren’t there.  And some other stuff.  When our CSA came back, we questioned this with her.  Turns out, yes they have changed suppliers but our order still stands and will be honoured.  Carpet orders don’t stand as they have apparently “severed ties” with their previous supplier, but I think the change in carpet supplier has worked out in our favour.


I also probed her about a timeframe for PCI.  I had asked previously, by email, but she didn’t directly answer, but it’s harder to ignore a question when the person asking you has eye contact with you.  Seems I also need to phrase my questions to begin with, “Based on your experience…”  Anyhow, she told us that normally from tiles to PCI, you’d be looking at 4-6 weeks, then there’a a period of about 2 weeks where they fix stuff found at PCI, then handover.  Given that electrical and plumbing fit out did not even start this week, I wouldn’t expect to be in before Easter.


I told her that we would like a walkthrough prior to PCI, essentially to check any defects because at present we have a long list of defects and we don’t want to have to write them all down come PCI – our SS can write them down prior to PCI.  I told her that at this point, given the amount of defects we have seen, we suggest that our SS have a very thorough look, otherwise our walkthrough would take all day.


I did mention one defect to her – the screws on all of the downpipes are rusted.  Appropriate screws have not been used.  Bentley buildees, check your external screws!




Our CSA is aware that the contract is about to run out, I believe the last day of the contract is 24 February, but I’m not sure if she is aware that we have a higher than standard penalty rate.


Apparently our tapware and basins have been delivered and we stopped by this afternoon, but couldn’t see any.  Although, the place was locked so we could only see through the windows and they may have been hidden.


Tiling is complete.

Laundry wall tiles



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