Only half.  Just the ensuite.  Not the bathroom.


Waterproofing ensuite 5 091117Waterproofing ensuite 091117Waterproofing ensuite 2 091117Waterproofing ensuite 3 091117


I don’t know if it’s as it should be, but it’s better than the last waterproofing we had done when we renovated the bathroom in our old house!  Darbecca will let us know if it’s not up to scratch.


As I said, the bathroom hasn’t been waterproofed.

bathroom 091117

bathroom 2 091117
The shower floor has been filled.  The same thing happened in the ensuite shower.

And that is all that has happened in a week.


As I was walking through the house from the ensuite to the bathroom to check the other waterproofing, I was met with this!

stacker 1 091117
My beautiful stacker!
stacker 2 091117
The culprit

stacker 3 091117stacker 4 091117


What is wrong with people?  The old kitchen window that was replaced is still sitting out the back and they’ve taken to that too.


old window 091117


I also noticed that someone had drawn a clock face on dining room wall…???

plaster 091117


Alfresco pillar bricks still haven’t been cleaned and the downpipe is still unconnected.

pillar 091117


We are having some of the fence put up today and the fencer said that this was delivered this morning.  The fat square one to the right must be for the posts above the rendered pillars, but no idea what the rest is for.  It’s not architrave.

garage 091117


And they did this…

garage plaster 091117


Another thing I noticed, and I know I’m picky, but the light switch in the loo in the ensuite is in a funny spot.

Waterproofing ensuite 4 091117


As you can see, it’s halfway along the wall, and I “tried to turn on the light” and it does feel weird.  I checked the plans and it’s supposed to be right beside the door frame, in the usual spot.


Another thing that doesn’t completely match the plans is this…

plaster 8 221017
Rear hall to Bed 3 & 4.


This is an old photo, before the cornice was put up, and I didn’t take a photo today, but the doorframes at the end of the hallway, they aren’t evenly spaced/symmetrical.  The door on the LHS has a longer section of wall to the shared corner than the door on the RHS.  Not sure if that makes sense.  But it kinda bugs me.  The plans show it looking even/symmetrical.  When I first saw it, I bugged me.  I thought I’d get over it, but I haven’t.  I would be very interested to hear other people opinions on whether or not I should suck it up.


Weekly update from our CSA:

  • Waterproofing due to be completed this week.
  • Fixing due to be completed next week.
  • Cabinets will be installed next week.  Eeek! Cabinets!  That’s’ exciting!


Neighbour update:  Their plaster started on Monday (Tuesday public holiday), and today there was a bobcat thing there cleaning up the plaster offcuts and loading them in to a truck.  We are now about 2 weeks ahead of them.


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