The plasterers were there all day Saturday, doing our plaster, and all plasterboard is up.  Just the cornices to go.


Plaster spam…


plaster 1 221017
Garage.  And a wet slab.  The door from the garage to the house doesn’t click closed.  We’re in no rush for them to fix it as it means we have unrestricted access to inside. 
plaster 5 221017
Entry hall
plaster 4 221017
Master bedroom. Our current bedroom in our rental has no external windows and it so tiny that you need to crab walk to get to the other side of the bed, so this is huge in comparision.
plaster 3 221017
Ensuite shower
plaster 2 221017
Ensuite double vanity
plaster 7 221017
Kitchen picture window
plaster 6 221017
Main living area. The fridge and shelving cavity would look very different if the incorrect frame was still there.  Yes, great light.
plaster 8 221017
Rear hall to Bed 3 & 4.
plaster 9 221017
plaster 10 221017
The plasterers must’ve channelled Lionel Ritchie 😛


And, more water running towards to the slab.


puddles 1 221017puddles 2 221017


Don’t know the timeline as to what is happening next.  Our SS hasn’t contacted us for almost 3 weeks.


I will contact our CSA and keep an eye on it myself to see when I need to arrange for the next Darbecca inspection, which is pre-paint.


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