This week has been a roller coaster of emotions and a lot of back and forth of emails between us and the builder.  I have calmed down, mostly.


So the reinspection report.  There were still a few items affecting the frame that hadn’t been done.  They were the sticking points for us as once plaster is up, the defects are out of sight and cant be checked.  Apparently, our SS visited the site the day after the inspection was done and finished these items off – we will visit on the weekend and check this.  Mr W was present for the reinspection with Darbecca so he has an understanding of what was outstanding and what needed to be done to rectify it.  There is however one frame issue that Bentley are disputing.  The kitchen bulkhead.  After a lot of to-and-fro Bentley are adamant it is fine, but Darbecca are adamant that it is not.  That leaves us stuck in the middle not knowing who to believe or who to trust.  So we have contact our building surveyor and forwarded them the inspection report and advised that this bulkhead was not in place when they completed their frame inspection, and we are asking for their advice.  Ultimately, the frame approval is sitting on them.  They will review the inspection report, and potentially even reinspect themselves.  We are presently waiting on their response.


Our SS.  We’ve been told by our CSA that he didn’t receive my text message advising of the inspection time.  Our weekly update email last week confirmed that it was being reinspected on Tuesday and Darbecca didn’t confirm that with anyone other than me, so the only way our CSA could’ve been made aware of the inspection was through our SS.  So I call BS that he didn’t receive it.  He didn’t take ownership and didn’t bother to follow up the reinspection with us.  He hasn’t even contacted us directly to apologise for standing us up.   All apologies have come through our poor CSA.  I am disgusted with our SS.


Moving forward, plaster has been booked to be installed on Monday, about 4 weeks after plaster was first installed.  We have requested that the area is dispute remain unplastered until we hear back from the building surveyor.  Although if they do plaster over it, and it’s not right, they’ll just have to pull the plaster down again.


We haven’t had a lot of rain recently, but enough to make the ground wet and our slab is wet.  This is not helped by the fact that the ground at the front of the house is graded towards the house instead of away, and that the permanent downpipes are still not connected to the stormwater.


slab water 3 131017slab water 4 131017slab water 1 131017slab water 2 131017


It doesn’t take much rain to make a wet slab!  The grading was also raised in the reinspection and Bentley have advised that they will do it after plaster has been installed and all rubbish will be removed at the same time.  I have forwarded these images to our CSA, and cc’d the Construction Manager, and the Ops Manager, and the SS and told her that:

“I am very disappointed that the convenience of a single site clean if being prioritised over the proper management of our slab and that Bentley feel that it is acceptable to neglect this issue.”


Our front pillars have been rendered.  They will be painted later

render 1 131017render 2 131017


And we finally have power connection.  There’s a (smart) meter in the meter box.  So all the issues with had with getting power connected were the compliance issue.  Possibly the run in in the garage being in the wrong place.  Any they wanted us to pay for a generator?  Pfft!


Neighbours have been wrapped. 5.5 weeks behind us.




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