3 weeks ago, we told our SS to cancel the plaster installation, which was due on 19 September.  They’ve now spent the last 3 weeks fixing the defects.  We have the reinspection booked for tomorrow morning with Darbecca and Mr W and our SS will also be there for the reinspection.  Hopefully it is all done and we can move forward.


We visited yesterday and had a look at the progress.  First thing I noticed when we got there, was this concrete rubble.


slab rubble 1 081017slab rubble 2 081017


Obviously the slab had been cut open which was for the electrical sub board.

sub board 1 081017

Previously, it was coming out of the slab in the garage, which would’ve posed a trip hazard, it has been moved to inside the wall cavity.


And now we’re left with dirty, wonky cut lines in the garage slab.

sub board 2 081017
The shadow is in an unfortunate spot.

Any other part of the slab would be fine, because it’d be covered with carpet/tiles etc, but there isn’t floor coverings in the garage.  I hope, for their sake, that they aren’t planning on leaving it like that.   Ugly AF.  Imagine if you were looking to buy a house and you saw that?  We have been given a certificate of approval from the building surveyor.


So, it appears that when the underground cabling was done the electrician didn’t measure it out correctly.  Could the SS not have checked this? Or checked it before slab pour?  And why on earth did he have plaster booked when this hadn’t been resolved?  Now that I see it in the wall cavity, why would you even consider plastering whilst it is still sticking out in a room space?


Moving inside, we noticed a new window has been delivered.  It’s our kitchen window.  Couldn’t see anything wrong with the one that is there.  Anyways…

kitchen window new 081017


The frame for the custom shelving beside the fridge has always looked wrong to me.  The frame doesn’t even come out as far as the other side.  Yesterday, I measured it.  It is too narrow.  The plans say 350mm, its 260mm.



The plans also don’t show a stud frame between the fridge space and the shelves.

fridge shelves plans 091017


This should probably also be fixed before they plaster, as otherwise, it will just have to be pulled down and re plastered later on, causing delays, and we’ve had enough delays already.  Mr W has strict instructions to mention this to the SS tomorrow.


On to outside to have a good look at the clean bricks.  I’ve seen better.  Some are wonky and the mortar has pock marks.  Darbecca check the bricks at the next full inspection when they check plaster, skirting, architraves, bricks, waterproofing, internal doors, and other stuff.


bricks 1 081017
Thr brick in the middle looks like a patch job, and if you look closely at the mortar, there’s some pock marks and chunky bits in the mortar.
bricks 2 081017
Looks like some bark or similar got mixed into the mortar.
bricks 3 081017
Holes in mortar under kitchen window
bricks 4 081017
Hole in mortar – kitchen window
bricks 5 081017
Scrappy looking mortar


I didn’t get a chance to look too much further as it started to rain, fat rain.  I know I’m fussy and I know I’m a pain, but it looks like poop.


Neighbours appear to have had their bricks delivered this morning.  There is a shortage of bricklayers at the moment, so will have to wait and see if they get delayed, but at this stage, we are 6 weeks ahead of them.


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