Bricks are complete!  Hooray.  They still to be cleaned, but they I suppose they need to let the mortar set properly before they acid wash it.


bricks 140917 1
The extra course of bricks has been added to the LHS pillar – you can see the wet mortar.
bricks 140917 5
Same thing, different angle.
bricks 140917 3
Bricks under front door.  (Excuse my shadow.) This side has been filled…
bricks 140917 2
… this side hasn’t been filled.
bricks 140917 4
Alfresco.  Bricks under stacker are done.
pillar 140917 1
This is the side view of the LHS side pillar.  I could have done a better job, and I know they can do a better job because the exposed bricks look ok.  It looks so scrappy.  I know it is going to be rendered, but take some pride in your work!  I checked it with a spirit level and surprisingly it is straight.  Let’s see what Darbecca say of it.


Our SS said that insulation was due to be done today, but it’s not.  We have batts, but they aren’t in yet.

insulation 140917


Heating rough-in is done.

ducts 140917 2
ducts 140917 1
More ducts
ducts 140917 3
Return Air
heating 140917
You can see the heating unit.  It it sitting above the pantry.


A few other snaps…

bath 140917

This is the bathtub, taken from the bedroom.  It’s propped up on god knows what.  Looks pretty makeshift.

ensuit plumbing 140917
Some more plumbing stuff has been done in the ensuite.
master frame 140917 1
Master bedroom.  The electric rough in has been completed, but there aren’t any of the little silver power point brackets.  I didn’t notice any on the external walls, perhaps because the insulation need to go in???
master elec 140917
Although part of this wall is external – that part that is wrapped.  One of the brackets has been sprayed orange.  I thought that may be because it’s for the TV, but I didn’t notice other TV points with orange paint.
sub board 140917 1
This is where the subboard in the garage will go
sub board 140917 2
Don’t know what this jibberish is.
HWS slab crack 140917
This is the original HWS slab, they haven’t done anything about replacing it.  I reckon the crack has got bigger, so I’m glad it’s being replaced


The neighbouring house that Bentley are also building has just had the frame finished, wall only, not trusses yet, so they still seem to be 6 weeks behind us.


No Thursday update email from our CSA today.  And Mr W sent her an email on Tuesday night asking for an update on the power connection.  We didn’t get a response, so I called the Power Authority directly myself today.  I was advised that an electrical contractor attended on 2 September, but that there was a “Compliance Issue” and that the job has been put on hold and the retailer given a “Call to Action”.  We emailed our CSA with this info and was told that there is “no locking bar or power industry lock.  Connection is on hold until this is resolved.”  Apparently this issue has been resolved and connection re-raised.


Pre-plaster inspection with Darbecca is booked for tomorrow.  I dare say there will be another post, listing the defects, tomorrow.


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