Three months ago today our site was cut and it looks like the frame is finally complete.  They have 6 months to do the rest.

frame 1 110817
frame 6 110817
Taken from the back corner of the yard
frame 4 110817
The alfresco
frame 2 110817
Master ensuite plumbing – double vanity!
frame 3 110817
Kitchen sink window
frame 5 110817
Entry wall

And plumbing rough-in looks complete too.


Frame inspection is booked for Tuesday and then we will get a bill.  Bills aren’t all bad – Bills mean progress!


Fascia has been bumped back until next Thursday.


Following on from our gas problem… I spoke to the SS about our concerns, he doesn’t really care where it goes, but he needs a directive from the office.  So I emailed our CSA raising our concerns which went something like this “… it isn’t going to work… trip hazard… restricted access… move the HWS because slab is cracked and sunken (sunken may have been an exaggeration)… highly reactive soil… defective…  sort this out quicker than you did the meter box.”  Oh, and I expressed my opinion on the site still being insecure since the storm a fortnight increasing the risk of theft, as our alfresco beams were stolen and delayed the frame.


Our CSA replied and advised she would put forward our proposal at the Construction Meeting.  Um, it wasn’t a proposal…  That’s what is happening.  Anyhow, the SS called me after the meeting and “as a gesture of good faith” they will move the HWS, not the gas meter.  We can’t help but think that our stubbornness and the amount of time they wasted over the meter box had an affect on the outcome.  The location of all the utilities on that wall were moved around when we had the meter box moved to the ensuite wall during planning and they obviously didn’t check anything.


The Power Authority haven’t connected the electricity yet.  The infrastructure is there, but they need to send a contractor out to connect it.  Our SS said there’s a lot of builds waiting on the electricity to be connected. So it looks as though we may be up for additional costs for a generator hire.  Apparently the framer used his own generator, but we haven’t been charged.


Still love my stacker door.


Mr W commented again on the great light, and complained that it was a bit cold.  I must admit it was a little draughty. 😛





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