So… the generator.  We received an email at 5pm this afternoon advising that as there isn’t any power connected, we’ll need a generator.  Mr W saw the email first and when he realised that we were up for $150 a day for generator hire, he wasn’t happy.  I decided to call the Power Authority to find out what the process is and how long it takes to get the electricity connected – after all, they’ve had 3 months to organise the power connection.


A lovely, helpful lady answered the phone and punched our address into her computer and saw that there was a request for a new connection received and that it was cancelled  by the builder in June.  They don’t have a record of any new requests.  I briefly told her about the issue that we had with the location of the meter box and it appears that in that time, the builder withdrew the request, and forgot to lodge a new request when works recommenced.  Oops!


And now they want us to pay for a generator??? I don’t think so mofo’s!   They had better come up with some pretty solid evidence that they have reapplied if they expect us to pay.


Mr W asked me a while ago, “What if Bentley read your blog?”  I don’t care.  Kind of hope they do.  We have been stuffed around so much, and I wish I had’ve found a blog written by someone who was building a house with Bentley before we agreed to build with them.  This is a home that we have wanted for so long and we care about our home, and after everything they have put us through, the trust is broken.  I blog to keep my friends and family up to date with our build so I don’t need to keep repeating myself, and to serve as a review of Bentley Homes.








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