Having some gas problems.  I got a phone call from our SS late yesterday and once again, the plans don’t comply with regulations, and the gas meter location on the plans is too close to the HWS.  Given that there is a slab for the HWS, it’s easier to move the gas meter than the HWS slab.  They essentially want to put it right on the corner of the house, on our rendered pier.

gas meter 090817

Initially we were concerned about access – we need to be able to get around there with a wheelbarrow, but unlike the electricity meter, we aren’t overly concerned where it goes.  However we went to site today and took some measurements and it’s not going to work.  It’s a tight corner already with a small retaining wall , and only about 1 meter between the house and the retaining wall.  Add in a gas meter, which protrudes about 35 cms, add a heavy, loaded wheel barrow, and it’s not ideal.   It’s kinda a trip hazard.

gas meter 1 090817

The square slab jutting out at the front is where the rendered pillar will go.  The retaining wall will run behind the silt pit and in front the cut.  There’s about 1 meter between the end of the pillar slab, and edge of cut.


So… our thoughts… Given the HWS slab has a crack, which I have measured and is classed as a grade 2 crack (which means monitor for 12 months, grade 3 is a defect), add in the weight of the HWS service, and take into account the the crack appears to run the full depth of the slab… the chance of the crack developing in to a grade 3 crack is high… They can move the HWS slab.

HWS slab crack 090817


I’ve left a message for the SS, who I am not expecting a return call from, so will give him a few hours before I bust his balls.  Also asked him to let me know when we can book Darbecca, as  drum roll… we have a roof!

trusses 2 090817

Well, 80% of a roof.  The external wall of the garage has been framed and all trusses expect for the garage are up.


I did speak with the SS on Monday regarding our concerns about the mystery pipe, our recessed shelving and the fall of the front porch.

  • The fridge shelving, he will check.  Sometimes, they will box it up only to knock it out later, but he will know when he looks at it.  Looks pretty well boxed up to me.
  • the mystery pipe, is for ‘just in case’.  Just in case we ever want to install a sink on our island, or a power point, it serves as a conduit.
  • The fall, I am right, it should fall away from the the house, but it shouldn’t matter because apparently, when we do our driveway, the concretor will concrete over the front porch.  The lip for the garage is much higher than the porch, and this is so that it can be concreted over and still have it all level.  If we were having an exposed aggregate or a coloured concrete driveway, it would look dicky up against the plain concrete.  Point taken.  BUT, until we do the driveway (after handover) we will have water sitting against the house.  Hmmm.


In other news, plumbing rough in is booked for tomorrow and fascia is booked for Friday, but all the roof trusses need to be up.


And we are expecting a variation for the gas meter location change.  Not sure if our refusal has been communicated with the office, unlikely given communication is not a strong point.


Side looks like a dump, crap and rubbish everywhere, and there is half a can of coke and a Powerade in our meter box.  Slobs!






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