Family day out was to visit our new house – again.   My husband and I only get a chance to go there together on the weekends, and it was great to walk around inside our house together for the first time.  It’s been a little hard to picture the layout as we are building a mirror of the display home so the positioning of rooms will be different to what we know.


Of course, we noticed what appeared to be an error in the framing.  We are getting some custom shelving beside the fridge recess as per the display, and where our shelving is going be has been framed up.  We are just getting the shelving, not the wine rack.  I drink my wine.  I don’t store it.  There should be a bulkhead, but it shouldn’t be going to floor.


I’m going to call our SS tomorrow and ask about it, and question the stray pipe in the middle of the kitchen, and the fall of porch going back towards the house.


I did notice a neat little pile of offcuts in our broom closet.  Nice to know that the framers don’t throw their rubbish around.

frame 1 050817


Also had a closer look at our stacker.  That’s a nice knob.  It pops in and out and has a nice solid thunk to it.



I did have to laugh at my husband… while we were standing in the family area, he was marvelling at how much light there was.  Darling, there is no roof.  Or walls.  I do see his point though, our slightly elevated position and the positing of the windows should let in some good light.


Hopefully there should be some more progress this week.  Want a roof!


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