The slackers have done nothing all week.  The roof trusses are just sitting there waiting to go up.


When I spoke to the SS on Monday, he said that he was expecting to have his inspector inspect the frame late this week, and would let me know so I could book Darbecca, but I haven’t heard from him.  Probably because nothing has happened.  No idea why.  No communication from the builder all week.  Not even our usual Thursday update email from our CSA.


The weather has been a bit miserable this week, but not bad enough that they can pull a weather day.  There’s a house that I drive past when I visit our build that had their frames start the same day as ours and their roof trusses have gone up in the last day or two.  I also noticed that they don”t have their windows yet, but we do.  Different builders have a different order for doing some things.


But I did go for a wander around yesterday and found a few photo worthy items.


This is our stacker door.  Love it!  This is my new favourite photo of the house.  Need something to keep me smiling.

stacker 040817.JPG


This is the plumbing for the double vanity in the ensuite.  Not sure if the plumber didn’t measure it properly, or if we are getting more of a floating style vanity.  I know it was semi floating.




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