Not much happened this week, just letting the slab cure.


Timber for the frame was delivered yesterday and they started the framing today with completion due late next week.


frame 2 280717frame 1 280717


They will then send us another invoice for payment, and we haven’t even paid the last one.  Stupid bank won’t release funds until the have done a valuation.  They did a valuation when we applied for the finance. 10% of works have been done.  Pay the invoice.  Pretty simple really.  Anyhow, the valuation was done on Tuesday and they haven’t got the report yet.  Bit of a joke.  Anyone would think they were giving us the money!


But the builder is ok with it and in the meantime it is saving us a few days worth of interest. And they haven’t delayed the build due to non payment.  Phew!


Still don’t like that low point in the slab by the front door.  It’s all muddy and dirty.


2 thoughts on “Friday 28 July 2017 – Framing

    1. So did we. It’s a very small bank, which we have learnt throughout this process means less efficient. We have since spoken to a team leader who has apologised, followed it up, and made payment.


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