Sooo… where were we?


After much ‘discussion’ and back and forth conversations with our builder and the Power Authority, and the electrical inspector offering us ‘suggestions’, we should be back on track.  Last week all parties have agreed to have the meter box relocated at the below position (after 5 long weeks).


Meter box location


It’s right at the top, on the boundary, 2180 from our bedroom wall which is excellent, and will sit above the cut, we will screen it and plant a cactus in front of it.  We will also have a sub board in the garage where fuses and switches and stuff go which is about the size of a small tissue box.  The NBN box also goes along that wall.


We have asked if we have the same site supervisor, not sure if he’s even back from leave, but the question was ignored.  I’d like to make sure that he is aware that there is vegetation growing on the cut, which needs to be removed.  I’ll give them until the end of the week for some sort of action and I’ll start bugging them.  It took about 2 weeks for them to organise all the trades up to and including slab pour after the Building Permit was initially issued, and they need to reorganise everything.


Given previous experience with them, I’m not expecting them to contact us before they recommence works, so in the meantime I’m driving up the block every day.  Here’s the vegetation as of today…

vegetation 270617

You can see a green tinge, need to zoom in to really see it.

And the offending meter box, which will be moved to above the cut…

bad meter box












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