Do I speak English?  I don’t know what part of “Please request an exemption from Powercor”, the builder doesn’t understand.


I spoke to the Ops Manager again this afternoon.  He said that the meter box on the plans wasn’t to scale and it wouldn’t protrude as much as shown on the plans we fiddled with yesterday.  It would only protrude about 50mm.  He emailed through a picture to show what it would look like.  So in the last day and a half, instead of following our instructions he tried to get a photo to show what it would look like to have  meter box in the front porch.  In fact, I got the impression that he was pushing me to agree to have it in the porch.




I still don’t like it.  And our bricks are quite dark, the cream meter box is going to stand our like dog balls!  Ugly AF!


In a nutshell, I referred to 2 x earlier emails where we requested that an exemption be applied for. I also told him that I read through the Installation Regulations last night and I don’t see that there are any grounds for our request to denied, so in the event that we don’t get our desired outcome, I will escalate it.  My tone wasn’t warm.


Getting more than a little frustrated by how much the builder is dragging their heels on this.  We had doubts about the builder months ago, mainly concerning their attention to detail and their lack of communication.  We decided to proceed with them however after contacting others who had built with them through a building forum, who were happy with their build and deciding to engage an independent building inspector to check each stage.


I get that there is a process the builder needs to go through to get this done, but I don’t understand why they haven’t done anything – that’s what frustrates me so much.  They’ve essentially suspended our build.


12 days and counting…


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